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PlantㆍConstruction Work

We have accumulated technical skills in the areas of comprehensive engineering for architecture, structure, clean room, utility, HVAC, electricity, and control through the experiences of performing comprehensive EPC engineering that encompasses construction and design for 20 years.Based on this, we are confident in carrying out plant and construction projects that fully reflect the customers’ needs, and will make sure that our customers secure infrastructure that allows them to havethe best competitiveness.

Detailed Fields
  • Building/Structure
    • o Business facility, Educational/Research/Factory facility, Cultural/Meeting/Sports facility, commercial facility, public facility, and remodeling construction
    • o New construction and renovation of factory, warehouse, logistics center, cold-storage warehouse, and small-medium sized factory (PEB-System steel structure)
  • • Utility / HVAC
    • o Clean room& HVAC, air conditioning and heating (constant temperature & humidity), conditioning duct, and plant piping work
    • o Utility, diesel, ultra-pure water, refrigerator, laboratory, kitchenware, hygiene, sewage, gas duct, and tank installation
  • Electricity/Instrumentation
    • o Power distribution facility and power construction, emergency generator construction, high & low voltage DVC & UPS SYSTEM, and SCADA
    • o Construction electrical part (Lighting, RECEPTACLE, etc.) and SERVER ROOM INFRASTRUCTURE Construction
  • Information Communication
    • LAN equipment, (Emergency) broadcasting/telephone system,and CCTV installation
Images of Main Performances
  • Major Repair Work for Company C and Repair / Process Improvement Work

  • Korea Material Auto Feeding-Steel Structure (P.E.B) Construction

  • Samsung SDI Hungary Plant-Steel Structure(P.E.B)Construction

  • Public Tender (Nonsan Office of Education)-Mechanical Equipment Work

  • Lotte Beer-Steel Structure (P.E.B) Construction

  • Clean Environment Development Work for Company C (Clean Room)

  • Emergency Generator Room Construction Work for Company C

  • SERVER ROOM Development Work for Company C

  • New Construction of Incheon Plant for DaesolAusys

  • New Construction of Maintenance Garage for ROK Army-1C 98Regiment

Major Performance
Corning Precision Materials Melting, forming, process cold repair / hot repair (2006 ~ present)
Corning Precision Materials Emergency power generation system construction
Corning Precision Materials Processing dong major repair work
Cheil Industries Membrane coating #2 line air conditioning and plumbing work
Samsung Electric Refrigerator line insert process improvement work
Daesol Osis Incheon factory new construction
POSCO Chemtech Anode material S treatment facility and process improvement work
Owens Corning 64-2 Rebuild PJT construction (Pre-Engineering, construction)
Chungnam Office of Education Nonsan Naedong Elementary School Lunch Room Extension Mechanical Equipment Construction
Chungnam Office of Education Daecheon Yeosang exterior wall repair electrical work
Armed Forces Financial Management Group Army-1C 98th Regiment Maintenance Depot New Construction
Person in Charge