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What Is Automated Guided Vehicle?

An Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) is both an unmanned transport vehicle and an unmanned logistics system that automatically transfers cargos from a designated place to another designated place without human intervention.

GlobalTech, a company specialized in manufacturing heavy-duty, high-precision, and special AGVs based on reliability and stability, is providing various and differentiated unmanned logistics solutions to the electronics, secondary battery, aviation, and steel industries.

  • Heavy-duty AGV

    Heavy-duty AGV capable of transferring up to 200 tons and special AGV capable of transferring large cargos

  • High-precision AGV

    ±5 mm stop accuracy and ±1 mm or less loading accuracy

  • AGV Type

    Fork Type, Platform Type, Conveyor Type, Multi Type

  • Navigation

    Laser, Natural(SLAM), Magnet(Bar, Spot, Tape), QR-code

  • Driving

    Single, Quard, Differential, Multi

  • Battery

    Lead-Acid, Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, Li-Polymer

  • Auto-warehousing

    AGV-linked Automated Warehouse, ACS, WMS, and MES

Global Tech AGV
Application of a Highly Reliable Control System
  • It is possible to minimize the frequent occurrence of errors and failures in advance by applying Kollmorgen's controller, which is proven to be the world's most stable and reliable control system.
  • Joint technical support from GlobalTech and Kollmorgen headquarters makes it possible to mobilize rapid response to problems.
Efficient Maintenance (Convenience)
  • The vehicle on-board diagnostic tool (TST: Truck Service Tool), a tool to check the status information on important AGV devices,makes it possible to easily read the AGV vehicle on-board status.
  • We also offer an AGV operation diagnostic tool (VDT: Vehicle Diagnostic Tool), so all the histories that occur during automatic AGV operation are saved in real time (Black Box Data is created), making it easy to identify and reproduce the causes of the problems and minimizing maintenance time.
Prompt Follow-up Management (A/S)
  • Follow-up-management is organized to support customer requirements 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by securing systematic organization and personnel for prompt services.
Continuous Technical Support and Training
  • We support customers to efficiently operate AGV by running our own training program that provides the necessary knowhow for the use of various operating software and system maintenance tools (software) for AGV operation.
Platform Type
Korea Aerospace Industries (Aircraft Assembly Process, Magnetic Guide, 10 Ton)
  • Gyeongnam Techno Park
    (Mandrel Transfer, Magnetic Guide, 25Ton)

  • Posco
    (Coil Transfer, Laser Guide, 65Ton)

  • Posco
    (Coil Transfer, Laser Guide, 90Ton)

  • Posco
    Coil Transfer, Magnetic Guide, 65Ton)

Fork Type
  • Daewoong Pharm
    (Pallet Transfer, Laser Guide, 1.5Ton)

  • Hanwha Aerospace
    (Telescopic Fork, Laser Guide, 1Ton)

  • POSCO Chemical(Gwangyang)
    (Pallet Transfer, Laser Guide, 1.5 Ton)

  • For Samsung SDI Clean Room,
    (Laser Guide, 1Ton)

POSCO Chemical(Sejong)
(Pallet Transfer, Laser Guide, 1Ton)

Outdoor Type
  • Iljin Bearing
    (Outdoor Type Transfer, Laser Guide, 1.5 Ton)

Major Performance
POSCO AGV for transferring Gwangyang Hyper NO electrical steel sheet
AJU Steel Polish factory coil transfer AGV
Hyundai General Special Steel Coil Pallet Transfer AGV
POSCO AGV for specimen transfer in material laboratory
POSCO AGV for transferring Pohang electrical steel sheet
POSCO 65 Ton AGV for Pohang Coil Transfer
POSCO 65 ton AGV for Gwangyang Coil Transfer
POSCO 90 ton AGV for Gwangyang Coil Transfer
Person in Charge
  • Person in Charge
    Myungwha Hwang (Deputy General Manager)
    Chul Cho (General Manager)
  • Phone