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Quality Policy

All organizations, executives and employees of GlobalTech Co., Ltd. take a pledge to comply with our quality policy as follows.

In order to achieve the quality policy of the above quality management system, the entire organization and personnel of GlobalTech must establish and implement quality goals every year, and faithfully implement, maintain, and develop all the requirements specified in the quality management manual.

Environmental Policy

We recognize that environment, safety and people’s health are the basis of our development, pursue continuous development of these goals, and contribute to human society by reflecting these goals in our business activities.

  • Contributing to the Protection of the Global Environment

    We will continue to work toward the protection of the global environment by designing products and production processes through efficient management of energy and resources, and by minimizing the emission of pollutants and wastes through the use of eco-friendly technologies.

  • Complying with Laws and Regulations

    We will comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations, the International Convention on Environment and other requirements, and establish and faithfully implement our internal standards more strictly.

  • Prevention of Accidents and Promotion of Employees’ Health

    We strive to realize a safe and healthy workplace by developing and implementing various programs for accident prevention and promotion of employees’ health.

  • Disclosure of Environmental Policy

    We encourage all employees to voluntarily participate in the company’s environmental management activities through systematic training and documentation, and disclose the environmental policy to stakeholders upon their request to ensure transparency.

All members of our organization are required to faithfully implement the requirements of the international environmental management system and pursue continuous improvement to achieve the above environmental policy and goals.

Safety Management Policy

GlobalTech Co., Ltd. recognizes that the environment/safety/health are the foundation of development for the company, which are reflected actively in all business activities to pursue sustainable growth.

  • Establishment of Occupational Safety & Health Management System

    We create a safe working environment by establishing an organizational culture of following the basics to prevent industrial accidents and to protect the safety and lives of our employees.

  • Accident Prevention and Promotion of Health on the Employees

    We prevent accidents through systematic management in advance on all risk factors, and create a workplace that is safe and healthy for all employees through various health promotion activities.

  • Compliance of Domestic/International Laws

    We comply with domestic laws and international agreements, and establish internal standards that are stricter than the legal standards to share them with all employees for faithful compliance.

The above safety management policy is disclosed to various stakeholders for efficiency in operation, and participated by all employees for active practice.