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Powder Process

GlobalTech Co., Ltd. realized various types of powder systems for the last 30 years, and performed the E.P.C Process in the package order method from characteristic analysis/design on the raw materials to manufacture/installation/trial run and stabilization.We have the special know-how from the experience of handling not only raw materials for glass manufacture, but also special raw material particles from various fields such as secondary cell (cathode/anode materials)/semiconductors/chemical/pharmaceutical/ renewable energy, etc.

Especially, GlobalTech Co., Ltd. performs characteristic analysis for each raw material on the powers with special properties that are uncharacteristic and discontinuousin the powder research centerwhich is operated independently by the company, and applies optimum design condition based on the result data. Through continuous R&D on the characteristics of the powders that become the foundation of the industry, GlobalTech Co., Ltd. will provide optimized engineering service to enable the customers to have the best competitiveness.

  • Input/Transfer
    • · Input :

      Bag discharge station, Dumping

    • · Transfer :

      Air pneumatic blowing, Screw feeder, Vibrating feeder, Air slider, Vacuum transfer system, Bucket elevator

  • Crushing/Separation
    • · Crushing :

      Jaw crusher, Tooth crusher, Hammer crusher, Ribbon crusher, ACM, Cone crusher, Roll crusher

    • · Separation :

      Magnetic Separator, Metal detector

  • Storage/Weighing
    • · Storage :

      Steel silo, Concrete silo, Hopper, Bin

    • · Weighing :

      Floor scale, Suspended scale, Loss in weighing system, Gain in weighing system, Multi scale

  • Mixing

    Paddle mixer, Pan mixer, Non-gravity Mixer, Ribbon blender, Paddle blender, and Shovel mixer

  • Packing

    Auto packer, Paper bag, Vinyl bag, Ton bag, Pallet dispenser, Auto wrapping

  • Weighing
    • · Hard :

      DCS, PLC, HMI, MMI, MES Programming

    • · Soft :

      Cabling, Connection

Basic Process
GlobalTech’sSpecialized Technologies
VTS(Vacuum Transfer System)

As the equipment for transferring the powder to the preferred location by applying VTS(Vacuum Transfer System), there is no leakage during operation, and the noise level is low to enable a comfortable operating environment. The quantity of the vacuum pump is determined according to the transfer distance and characteristics for each raw material, and Single or Dual Type is generally used.

IBC Cleaning system

The IBC Cleaning system is applied with the automatic control system to enable accurate landing of the IBC by the fork-lift, and it is a dry-type Auto Cleaning System that is sprayed with high-pressure air without any blind spots while performing revolution and rotation in combination during the internal cleaning of the IBC. The dust generated during the spray is collected separately through the dust collector, and inflatable seal is applied for preventing the leakage to enable stable operation.

Big bag discharge station

In the Big bag discharge station, the raw material in the Big bag is transferred by the hoist to arrive safely on the raw material input slot. The bag outlet vinyl is opened and inserted into the raw material input entrance, and as the raw material is discharged in the sealing state by the power cylinder, there is no external exposure to prevent any raw material scattering.

Simulation(Screw feeder)
Screw Feeder Simulation

After applying basic data(Density, Shape, Size, Distribution, Angle of repose, Cohesion, etc.) andadditional factor(Cohesion, Heat transfer, Bonding, Wall friction, Electrostatics, Temperature, Fluid flow, etc.) according to the environment, it models the force and direction in consideration of the speed and location of tens of thousands of individual particles to realize the bulk-type transfer simulation. Through this,risk factors such as raw material discharge, particle size separation, agglomeration and stagnation section, etc. are identified in advance to enable optimum design.

DEM(Discreet Element Method) :As the analysis method on the raw material flow by the mechanical transport system, it is the simulation technique of enabling each raw material particle into bulk as a complex.
Simulation (Structural Analysis)
Structure Simulation
  • · Structural design through CAE analysis (Stage 1)
  • · Verification through structural diagnosis by an expert (engineer)(Stage 2)
  • · Design after supplementation and re-verification (Stage 3)
Analysis Equipment

By using analysis equipment such as an auto power characteristic measuring instrument, etc., 12 items from sample analysis are collected into data to digitalize the flow-ability and flood-ability of the power through the correlation of each characteristic. The derived basic data is utilized as the basic data for realizing optimum equipment.

  • Moisture meter

  • Electronic gravimeter

  • Auto powder characteristic measuring instrument

  • Raw material characteristic measuring instrument

Images of Main Performances (3D)
  • Silo Storage & Weighing System

  • Raw Material Transfer &Subdivision Weighing System

  • Silo Storage & Auto Weighing System

  • Ton-bag Feeding &Storage/Weighing System

  • IBC Discharge Station

  • IBC Discharge Station

  • Raw Material LIW Weighing System

Major Performance
POSCO Chemical Anode material 6~9 Line extension design design capacity
POSCO Chemical Anode material S treatment facility and process improvement work
POSCO Chemical Anode material PHK powder facility
POSCO Chemical Anode material factory kiln No. 4 powder facility work
POSCO Chemical Anode material coating facility No. 4 expansion and environmental facility improvement
POSCO Chemical Anode material cooling system installation work
Samsung SDI Cheonan M-Line Binder Mixer Program modification
Ecopro BM EcoproBM CAM5N 1 and 2 lines extended
Samsung SDI Manufacture of powder equipment for new electrode plate #3-2 in Xi'an, China
Ecopro BM EcoproBM_CAM5N Suse Line Powder Equipment Manufacturing and Installation
Samsung SDI Samsung SDI_Expansion of #3Line powder facility in Xi'an, China
Samsung SDI Samsung SDI_Expansion of powder facilities for #2-2Line in Xi'an, China
Samsung SDI Samsung SDI_Expansion of #2-1 Line powder facility in Xi'an, China
samseongSDI Samsung SDI_Expansion of powder facilities for #1-1 Line in Xi'an, China
POSCO Chemical POSCO Chemical_Anode Material Plant 1, Unit 2 Powder Equipment Improvement Work
POSCO Chemical Supplied the powder system to the anode material plant No. 5
Samsung SDI Samsung SDI_Hungary Plate 3-1 Line Powder Equipment Manufacturing and Installation
Cheil Machinery Cheil Machinery_Northvolt NV1 line powder input established
Samsung SDI Samsung SDI_Hungarian plate 3_4 powder equipment manufacturing and installation
Samsung SDI Samsung SDI_Hungary powder leak improvement work
Samsung SDI Samsung SDI_Ulsan powder leak TF powder facility improvement work
Samsung SDI Samsung SDI Tianjin 2-2 mixing process additive injection device manufacturing
Samsung SDI Samsung SDI Hungary #3 Line powder expansion
Samsung SDI Samsung SDI Hungary #2 Line powder expansion
Samsung SDI Samsung SDi, China Tianjin mixing process additive injection device manufacturing
Samsung SDI Samsung SDI large-scale mixing process additive injection device manufacturing
Samsung SDI 4-1 Line extension powder injection facility/installation work
Samsung SDI Samsung SDI 5-2 Line Expansion Powder Process Installation
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