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Ethical Management


Ethical Management

Realization of Honest and Transparent Ethical Management!
The business ethics of GlobalTech takes precedence over anything.

GlobalTech is fulfilling the Code of Ethics to create an honest and transparent organization.
Ethical management refers to the performance of the company's original purpose of profit-seeking while carrying
out works in accordance with the Code of Ethics so that the company can coexist and co-prosper with
stakeholders such as customers, partners, shareholders, employees, local communities, and the government.

In an era in which transparent and fair managementis of paramount importance andcompanies with high ethical standards,
can earn greater profits, corporate ethics is becoming an important factor in increasing corporate profits
and enhancing employee motivation and self-esteem. Ethical management has become the core of corporate
competitiveness. First-class companies are striving to acquire global competitiveness by actively responding to
changes in the internal and external business environment, such as the anti-corruption measures.

The executives and employees of GlobalTech are also
taking the observance of corporate ethics as a principle to guide their actions, with an active and independent attitude
in an era in which the importance of ethical management is on the rise.